Editing Site Details

With the Simple Build Type sites, editing the site details is little bit different from the Advanced Build Type sites. This is because, with Simple Build Type templates, Site Builder has taken special care against the basic site layout being tampered by novice users.


Thus with Simple Type Sites, some part of the site is editable and some part is non- editable. The non-editable part of the site is being created from the Site details stored in the database.

To edit the details of a site, go to Site Manager. Click on 'Edit' link displayed against the site you want to edit. Depending on the build type of the site selected, you are redirected to two pages:

1. For Simple Build Type sites you are redirected to a page asking you to select your option from 'Edit Site Details', 'Add/remove Pages', 'Edit Pages' and 'Publish/FTP'.

You can edit the following details in this section:
Company Name
Site Color
Site Caption
Page title
Contact Email
Meta Keywords
Meta Description



2. For Advanced Build Type sites, you are directly redirected to the advanced editor where the entire page is loaded and you can edit whatever you want, directly from there.